Short Film Festival - Third edition - Latina April 5-6, 2019

On top of short films screening, the third edition of “Filmdipeso” also includes debates, books presentation, projections of figurative works by artists, initiatives in collaboration with High Schools in Latina and the local Conservatory. The program also includes events that will take place in university and colleges.

The mission of the Festival is to disclose the social, psychological and interpersonal impact of obesity and eating disorders on teenagers and adults.

The formal acknowledgment and recognition of obesity and eating disorders as diseases allows not only to approach new treatment opportunities but also to dismantle prejudices and misconceptions. The Short Film Festival aims to provide a fresh broader look at food and nutrition, at correct information and at improving quality of life.

The Festival aims to present stories, fiction and documentaries addressing the complexity of the issues stated in our mission.

We are looking forward to receiving your short films. We are sure we will be receiving many of them from both professional and amateur directors.
As for the previous editions, we hope we will be able to please once more the many participants who, last year, were astonished by the “magic” of films and who was happy to know more about the Festival and the issues addressed.
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors who confirmed their presence also for this edition and to the new ones, of course.