L’Obesità ai tempi dei social

Saturday 18th January, 4:30 pm


Moviemmece Cinefestival

Monday 28th October, 8:30 pm


Event organized in collaboration with the Festival Filmdipeso and with the Association AILO to talk about eating disorders, correct diet and obesity. A few of the short films selected during Filmdipeso will be screened and presented by Stefano Cioffi:
ARI Directed by Alex Murawski. AU, 2016, duration 10′.
Food for thoughts Directed by Davide. Gentile. GB, 2016, duration 13′.
Certe brutte compagnie Directed by Guglielmo Poggi. ITA, 2018, duration 10′.
Self control Directed by Salvatore Sclafani. ITA, 2016, duration: 14′.

Seguirà incontro con Mark Robert Rice, nutrizionista; Amalia Rodontini, psicoterapeuta; Antonella Ferraro, presidente associazione Ailo. Ingresso libero


Food Film Fest

Wednesday 28th August – Sunday 1st September 2019


Filmdipeso will be featured at the Bergamo Food Film Fest: the short film “La faim va tout droit” by Giulia Canella, winner of the City of Latina Award, will compete in the category Food Movie and Filmdipeso will have a dedicated space.

Food Film Fest, promoted by the Cultural association Art Maiora and the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo, has reached its fifth edition and wants to promote the correct knowledge on nutrition with the aid of an international cinema contest with movies from all over the world that talk about taste, cuisine, correct nutrition and food production, and biodiversity.

The event will take place from the 28th of August till the 1st of September at Bergamo in Piazza