2018-19 Edition

13 short films were selected for the third edition of the Short Film Festival “Filmdipeso”. Three awards were presented: Premio Città di Latina (City of Latina Award), Premio della Giuria (Jury’s Award) and Menzione speciale (Special mention). The 3 short films that received these awards managed to raise awareness on socially relevant subjects like obesity and eating disorders with great cinematic style and skill.

The third edition had two new aspects to it. The first one was the multicultural and international tonality that the Festival had with various foreign films participating and the presence of many directors during the Festival. Interesting and engaging were the “out-of-competition” short films: Così mangiavamo (This is how we ate), a journey into the Italian diet from the 1950s till today and the touching tribute to the great Ermanno Olmi with his famous work La saggezza della terra (The Wisdom of the Earth).The other novelty was the involvement of young people who participated in two important events dedicated to them within the Festival: 180 students medical students of the Polo Pontino had the chance to talk to Leonardo Mendolicchio, Martina Colombari, chef Ugo Patierno and the journalist Andrea Casadio; 500 high school students from Latina participated with their projects in the competition “Il peso del mio peso” (The weight of my weight), designed to raise awareness among adolescents on these topics and to explore the perception that young people have about these issues that are often the reason for bullying in schools.

Selected films

The selected films that were screened on the 5th and 6th April 2019 were:

Official Selection

Timballo (ITA – 15′)

by Maurizio Forcella

Esseri di stelle (ITA – 14’59”)

by Adriano Giotti

Buffet (ITA – 15’)

by Santa de Santis e Alessandro D’ambrosi

Elvis (ITA – 8’)

by Andrea Della Monica

Nervosa (ITA)

F**k different (ITA – 9’59”)

by David Barbieri

La faim va tout droit (ITA – 14’57”)

by Giulia Canella

Food for thoughts (UK – 12’20”)

by Davide Gentile

The swimsuit season (ITA – 5’15”)

by Antonino Valvo

Cena di notte (ITA – 15’)

by Cèsar González Álvarez

Ari (AU – 9’45″)

by Alex Murawski

Il viaggio (ITA – 3’14″)

by David Corini

Pasta amara (ITA – 20’)

by Ivano Fachin

Out of competition

Così mangiavamo (ITA – 75′)

by Stefania Barzini, Alessandra Acciai

La saggezza della terra (ITA – 15′)

Tribute to Ermano Olmi

Award Winners

La faim va tout droit

City of Latina Award

Giulia Canella


Charles pins his hopes on an imaginary love story, wishing to escape the dramatic relationship he has with food and his body.

Director’s notes

Hunger Keeps Walking is a short film about love and loneliness. The direction was intended to narrate a little known eating disorder in an intimate and emotional way, rather than scientific and descriptive.
I decided to keep the protagonist immersed in his domestic context. This tells about both the character’s isolation and the complex everyday life where his imaginary relationship with Bijoux takes place. For this reason, the frames and shots are often wide and static. The camera moves only when Charles decides to get out of his comfort zone and his home to get involved with something beyond himself.


Special Jury Award

Alex Murawski


Being a kid is hard. Being yourself is even harder. Ari faces the challenges of growing up and finds courage and determination where he least expects it.

Director’s notes

I wanted to tell the story of a character who did not like himself, of someone who felt insignificant—as if he were nothing. My goal was to show a transformative path from difficulty and humiliation to self-acceptance. This work tells about taking on the risk of being refused for the sake of becoming who we are.

Food for thoughts

Special mention

Davide Gentile


This short film comes from a social advertising storyline. Physical laziness and comfort food are pleasant but make our lifestyle inevitably unhealthy. Many die each year because of poor eating habits, but this does not make the news.

Director’s notes

The characters sketched by Davide’s work reflect fragments of everyday life and capture their irony. Food for Thoughts is his second internationally awarded work.

Photogallery Third edition