Our Mission

The Department of Medico-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine and the Bariatric Center of Excellence – Sapienza University of Rome, in partnership with the City of Latina and “Amici Obesi” non-profit organization, AILO – Italian Association for the Fight Against Obesity, and Villa Miralago – Eating Behavior Health Center, organize the third edition of “Filmdipeso” Short Film Festival.

The Festival aims to present stories, fiction and documentaries addressing the complexity of the issues stated in our mission and testimonials of treatment and rehab. The mission of the Festival is to disclose the social,

psychological and interpersonal impact of obesity and eating disorders on teenagers and adults. The formal acknowledgment and recognition of obesity and eating disorders as diseases allows not only to approach new treatment opportunities but also to dismantle prejudices and misconceptions.