2017 Edition

15 short films have been selected during the II edition of the Short Film Festival “Filmdipeso”. The awards to be assigned were the “Città di Latina Award” and the “Gianluigi Monniello Award” for films focused on raising awareness on obesity and eating disorders in adults and adolescents.

During the II edition, a Special Audience Award was assigned, based on televote, for the first time.
Another new aspect of the 2017 edition was the partnership with the “Amici Obesi” non-profit organization and with their project “Wear Obesity”. The project allowed visitors to wear a cumbersome costume simulating how difficult and humiliating it would feel, being obese, to carry out simple daily tasks such as tying shoelaces.

Selected films

List of selected films to be screened on November 12, 2016:

Official Selection

Self Control (ITA – 15′)

by Salvatore Sclafani

Butterfly (ITA – 08′ 31”)

by Arianna Vergari

Endless Walls (BEL – 15′)

by Rachida Chbani

Beauty has no size (SLO – 12′)

by Luksus Produkcija

Fat (BRA – 03′)

by Camille Monart

Denise, la ragazza con la tuta (ITA – 07′)

by Claubyo Conti

Eat me (ITA – 15′)

by Ruben Lagattolla e Filippo Biagianti

Pelle (ITA – 12′)

by Davide Angiuli

Certe brutte compagnie (ITA – 09′ 33”)

by Guglielmo Poggi

A letto senza cena (ITA – 07′ 12”)

by Patrice Makabu

bysorder (ITA – 05′)

by Liliana Romeo

Detox (USA – 09′ 30”)

by Christopher Logen

Out of Competition

Alla FinFinFirifinFinFine (ITA – 09′)

by Francesco D’Ascenzo

Dai un peso alle parole (ITA – 01′ 08”)

by Giulia Pozzi

Pure sweetness (POL – 07′ 49”)

by Dave Lojek

Award Winners

Certe brutte compagnie

Special Audience Award
and Gianluigi Monniello Award

Guglielmo Poggi


A 16 years old bulimic girl goes about her daily routines together with a travel companion which never leaves her alone. It is a monster, a disease that whispers horrible things to her ear, that makes her hate herself, hurt herself spending her life bent over a toilet. There is be hope, maybe.

Director’s Notes

I got the idea for “Certe brutte compagnie” from a friend of mine. We were talking and she said “it all felt like a monster that never left me alone”. The camera records from the point of view of bulimia, the narrating voice as well appears to be distorted and growly. The main character, an adolescent, meets more toilets than people during her day. The choice of having only toilets as settings was used to stress the important connection between her and vomiting. Her condition, of course, influences her vision of reality, the cookie she is having for breakfast first disappears and then multiplies in her stomach, she feels her insides moving like an earthquake. She is grossed out by the sound of people chewing, she lies to her mother about throwing up, she meets up with her bulimic friends and they do it mechanically as if it was an automatic reflex, as if it was a ritual, as if it was a routine like putting on makeup or wearing clothes in the morning. This short film was written and directed following hints coming directly from bulimic people of all ages. We tried to tell the problem of bulimia through the life of an adolescent girl addressing, at the same time, all kinds of people.


“Città di Latina”

Davide Angiuli e Tommaso De Rai


The short film tells the story of a girl who needs to put on weight to contrast the fast weight loss she is facing. Her methodic approach is told in three days, three different Thursdays, the day of the week in which she checks her weight. Each of the spaces in her life is air-tight, isolated, like the actions she takes in them. Her obsession for details is described through close-ups of her eyes, her actions and of the many objects that capture her attention, the same attention that distorts her reality. That is why we used many extreme close-ups and cut-ins to distort shapes and spaces this is in contrast with the wide shots we used to better convey the solitude of the protagonist.

Award Ceremony